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Our Approach

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Case Study:

>$1 bilion evaluation

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The Best CEOs Are Focused On Building The Best Teams

CrossWork provides a way for CEOs to build the best finance and corporate development teams without the expense traditionally associated with top teams

Case Study:

>$1 bilion evaluation

We’re A Core Expertise Trust

We focus on those high value elements that senior leaders can execute in short/rapid time frames – introductions, expertise, strategy etc.
Our advisors focus on those activities that have maximum impact on growing and protecting equity value

Other advisors focus on other high impact elements
that are core to their expertise and collectively add significant value

Advisor Model

We Assign Up To 10 Advisors To You: Each Advisor Has 2-3 Strategic Goals They Work On With You


We assign experienced senior execs to your company to drive execution with predefined goals for your business

Focused On:

Intense Finance Focus

Parameters Affecting Financing Transaction Success

Example: We Assign A Finance & Media Advisor To Focus On News, Media Exposure etc.

Advisor Pre-Agreed Goals

Finance Advisory :

Media Advisory :


Finance Advisory :

Media Advisory :

Examples Of Advisory Services

Strategy :

Board Of Directors, Advisory Board, Leadership :

Technology :

Recruiting :

Finance :

Legal :

Scaling And Partnerships :