Accelerator Interests

Goal: Acquire deeply discounted interests in 30 compelling private companies that have unicorn potential

Accelerator targets interests in 30 growing companies that the manager believes have the ability to reach $1 billion in valuation

Targeting some of the world’s most compelling growth opportunities

Our Business

Managed by ex Goldman Sachs bankers/founders of MidasLP with 30+ advisors: senior execs from hedge funds to Fortune 500 companies

If returns do not exceed 15% at no extra cost to investor, accelerator will contribute equity from next 10 accelerator companies

While targeting 5x returns. If returns do not exceed a floor of 15% p.a. investors get bonus equity

Accelerator Equity : Scenario Models



All investments are risky and carry the risk of loss of all capital.

Our approach

Time Horizon expectation

Case Study:

>$1 bilion evaluation

Accelerator Equity : Scenario Models



Case Study:

>$1 bilion evaluation

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