Technology Hardware, Consumer Electronics

Status: Private / Current


CrossWork is a shareholder in AirSelfie, the world’s only pocket size autonomous aerial camera - Throw it in the air, it will automatically fly away from you, take a picture of you then return to your hand. Performs other autonomous tasks. One of the most successful Indiegogo campaigns. Founding team targeted an initial $50k raise but raised over $2 million. 50,000 ordered with almost no advertising.

Product sells out quickly in many retail stores. Management wants to get to north of $100 million in sales quickly. Selling 2 Airselfies in each Target store (1,800 stores) every week causes ($100 x 2 x 52 x 1,800) $18.7 million in sales every year at Target alone. CEO has an extensive track record of over $1 billion in Target Stores electronic product sales.

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