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CrossWork accepts applications from companies and entrepreneurs all year round. We are not limited to startups. We are stage agnostic and accept companies from entrepreneurs to more mature companies. We also work with independent sponsors on acquisition transactions.

Two of the core things that we look for are a demonstration of deep experience with your target customers as well as planning and thoughtfulness around scaling.


Our accelerator assigns a few advisers to you that are each tasked with helping you achieve a key objective which could range from fundraising to finding a strategic partner to help with scaling to hiring key team members. We heavily incent advisers to help you succeed. You’ll meet your advisers to get to know them and develop an action plan together. Most of our advisers are a mix of investment banking / finance professionals and senior executives with experience in a wide range of industries. Our advisers have completed over $20 billion in finance transactions.


Joining our accelerator does not preclude you from joining other accelerators. In fact if we think it makes sense we may introduce you to other accelerators that are likely to be valuable to you.

We are not limited to startups. We work with later stage companies and even independent sponsors seeking to acquire companies.

If you have a management presentation, please feel free to email it to us at presentations@crosswork.us

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