Emerging Pre-IPO Fund

A fund targetting interests in 30 compelling private companies that have pre-IPO or unicorn potential

Fund targets interests in 30 exceptional companies in compelling growth industries and provides key return enhancements

CrossWork Emerging Pre-IPO Fund


Our Approach

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Emerging Pre-IPO Fund Strategy : Scenario Models



Private equity investments including ours are risky, illiquid and carry the risk of loss of all capital

Emerging Pre-IPO Fund Vs. Other Private Company Structures

Emerging Pre-IPO VC Fund Approach

Diversification reduces risk

Return enhancement allows fund to add companies to investor portfolio to target higher returns 

Aims to produce similar returns to a VC fund at lower risk but;

Can not put as much capital to work as a traditional VC fund

Typical VC Fund Approach

Diversification reduces risk

Risk of loss of investment with no way to make up loss when investment capital expended

Takes on higher risk to produce higher returns

Can put more capital to work

Typical Single Company Investment

Lacks diversification

Risk of loss of entire investment

Emerging Pre-IPO Fund

Our Core Investment Process Allows Us To Enhance Returns Through CrossWork’s Accelerator Program

Deal Flow Due Diligence

20-40 Accelerator Companies
+ Potential Investment


Equity Enhancement

IBM and Amazon have agreed to provide CrossWork accelerator and fund companies a high level of complementary cloud hosting services and credits

IPO Market

2020 IPO Performance Was Strong Despite Covid

IPO Market

Increasing IPO Sizes

Cvent logo

A CrossWork partner completed an early stage investment in Cvent

Cvent completed an IPO on the New York Stock Exchange at a valuation at over $1 billion

Cvent was subsequently acquired for $1.6 billion by a fund founded by a former Goldman Sachs colleague

As of August 2020 ranked top 10 among enterprise software companies in USA

Not all investments do well and we have had our fair share of failures. We learn from our successes and failures

“In addition to completing an equity investment in our company, Steven helped us complete our overall round of equity financing and has provided us with significant strategic input and guidance that has helped our overall strategy;”
– Chairman and CEO, Cvent, Inc.

Deal Flow

In Numbers


Contracted high level advisors and consultants with wide industry coverage


VC + PE contacts with whom CrossWork has had communications over the last 5 years


Years of combined investment experience of team


Investors, executives, lawyers & accountants in CRM


Our Team

Deal Execution

CrossWork Deal / Investment Process

Deal Flow

Leverage contracted infrastructure of advisors, consultants and relationships at over one thousand VC funds


Target, with some exceptions, opportunities that fit core criteria:

(1) High gross margins

(2) Thousands or millions of customers or users

(3) High growth

(4) High switching costs


Utilize smart securities and other structures to maximize returns and reduce risk

Performance Monitoring

Review frequent financial and other business information. Frequent executive meetings. Require or seek board appointments


Provide strategies and transactions that can significantly increase portfolio company value e.g. inexpensive acquistitions, targets partnerships, etc.

Realisation /
Exit Strategy

Orchestrate or influence the ultimate sale/IPO of the company or other means of generating shareholder returns such as recapitalizations

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