Later-Stage Accelerator

Reach success by working with a team of former Goldman Sachs investment bankers and 30+ senior executives that have taken companies public or led companies through successful acquisitions.

We generally focus on companies from $1 million to $100 million+ in revenues. Once we accept your organization into our late stage accelerator, our organization becomes an integral part of your team focused on critical goals from strategic fundraising (globally), large customer acquisition, channel partnerships, M&A and more. Our activities are focused on maximizing your shareholder value.

“We only work with companies our senior advisers can scale”

Our Business

With several billion dollar exits under our belt our track record speaks volumes. We only work with companies that we know our advisers can scale.

Rather than take high upfront cash retainers, we take a small stock warrant ensuring well aligned interests. Our interest is focused on growing the value of your business.

“Long-term, value creation partnerships, not short term, costly transactions”

Our Approach

Feel free to use the calendar below to schedule some time to chat with a senior professional and learn more about our approach

Case Study:

>$1 bilion evaluation

Parameters Affecting Financing Success

Finance processes require senior expertise and rigour. Our senior professionals have been involved in many transactions.


Strategy And Preparation

Value proposition, scale, markets and management team. Summaries, presentations etc.

Targeting Strategy

Sector, stage and capital structure relevance


Global relationships with top VCs etc.



Key thinking and insights into core areas of strategy driving long term shareholder value maximization


Mentors with 20+ years of experience and over $20 billion in transaction experience


Make good choices to focus and de-risk your platform using modern methodologies and solutions.


Growth strategy focus and counsel



Insights and thinking about scaling your business through partnerships from mentors that have been there before

Marketing Strategy

Insights and thinking around marketing strategy, super-scaling and approaches

Sales Strategy

Insights around sales leadership, strategy, organization and execution


Relationships, strategy and tactics for recruiting, retention and leadership development

The best CEOs are focused on building the best teams

CrossWork provides a way for CEOs to build the best finance and corporate development teams without the expense traditionally associated with top teams

Case Study:

>$200 milion evaluation

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