2021 Best Pre-IPO VC Fund Manager – USA

  • 117%, on average returned over 2 years to pre-IPO investors in companies that went public in 2020, provided they had a valuation of $1 billion+ according to Crunchbase.

  • CrossWork's Midas Fund targets investments in these hard-to-access companies.

  • Past performance not a guarantee of future results.

Pre-IPO Investment Form

An investment in the fund provides you with:

  • Proportional ownership in a portfolio of leading pre-IPO companies.

  • An average targeted return / distribution period of two years.

  • Distributions paid to you when portfolio holdings IPO, acquired etc.An online account to review your investment and holdings.

  • Direct access to a senior investment professional


Review the pre-IPO fund executive summary and management presentation.


Fill in the pre-IPO Investment Form on this page. Indicate your investment amount.


Complete your transfer of funds.


Your online account will be set up containing balance and holdings information.

Pre-IPO Investment Form

Our Pre-IPO Targets

After we invest you own a proportional interest in our fund. With an average time frame to IPO of two years we expect to commence distributions within one year. CrossWork is great for two types of investors:

Our Pre-IPO Targets

  • Investors looking for diversification through a fund while focusing on pre-IPO returns

  • Investors looking for a top rated fund manager

  • Investors wanting to own a portfolio of companies shaping our future

Investors Looking For Individual Shares

  • These investors invest in CrossWork AND allocate directly to companies - best of both worlds

  • CrossWork shares co-investment opportunities with its investors

  • For those pre-IPO shares that are hard to access investors access those returns through CrossWork’s funds

Some of our pre-IPO targets (universe of around 1,000 companies)

Pre-IPO Investment Docs / (213) 327-5920

117% Was Returned Over 2 years To Pre-IPO Investors In Companies That Went Public In 2020, Provided They Had A Prior Valuation Of At Least $1 Billion. CrossWork's Midas Fund Targets Investments In These Hard-To-Access Companies For You.

CrossWork.us Named “2021 Best Pre-IPO VC Fund Manager – USA.” Our smart investors include current or former employees of Facebook, LinkedIn, Robinhood, Goldman Sachs, VMware, Morgan Stanley and more.

Pre-IPO Investment Form

Click on the image above to review and complete the  attached investment form (2 minutes)


Review the pre-IPO fund executive summary and management presentation 


Review and sign the pre-IPO Investment Form (subscription agreement + partnership agreement)  on this page. Indicate your investment amount. 


Complete your transfer of funds to the pre-IPO fund’s escrow account. Escrow will review and approve or highlight any issues.


Welcome! A senior professional will  review your docs and provide you with key information and frequent pre-IPO portfolio updates.


Transparent , Highly Strategic And Simple

Investments can be made via ACH, online bank transfer, bank wire or Zelle. Transfers initiated through our site are processed securely via AES 256 and SSL secured by leading financial and technology organizations.
Funds Transferred To Secured Escrow
Your pre-IPO investment is transferred to a secured escrow account while we complete a required compliance review. Our accounting and administration staff generally finalize reviews within 48 business hours.
Account Set up Finalized At Crosswork.us
Following our initial review your capital balances are added to your online pre-IPO account so that you can keep track of cash balances, investments, holdings and liquidity events. Key documentation is also maintained in your online account.
Complimentary Allocations Made To Your Account
If your account qualifes for complimentary equity allocations, we immediately allocate equity to your pre-IPO account that you can review online.
Pre-IPO Fund Completes Investments In Companies
As the pre-IPO fund makes investments, we update your online account with information regarding your relative allocation of fund investments and provide you with basic company information to keep you informed of investments. Investments are generally reviewed by the manager, an investment committee and/or advisory board members.