Named “2021 Best Pre-IPO VC Fund Manager – USA” is pleased to announce that it has received the award for and been recognized at the 2021 Mergers And Acquisitions Awards as the “Best Pre-IPO VC Fund Manager – USA” . “The strength and depth of our pre-IPO company relationships, team, and advisory board has created a strong formula for success” according to the CrossWork pre-IPO team.

CrossWork manages the CrossWork Midas pre-IPO fund. CrossWork’s Midas fund investors include current and former employees of Facebook, LinkedIn, Robinhood, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and other successful executives.

117%, on average, was returned over 2 years to pre-IPO investors in companies that went public in 2020, provided they had a prior valuation of at least $1 billion according to Crunchbase. CrossWork’s Midas Fund targets investments in these hard-to-access companies. CrossWork’s Midas fund invests in grade A pre-IPO opportunities and employs powerful risk reduction and return enhancements not available in other funds.

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A CrossWork Midas investment may only be purchased by accredited investors. Further, past results do not guarantee future results.