We Provide Family Offices And Hedge Funds A Venture Capital Fund Vehicle Providing Portfolio Access to Leading Pre-IPO Companies At A Discount

  • Pre-IPO investments
  • Highly valuation sensitive
  • Target purchases at a discount to recent valuation
  • We typically leverage an extensive relationship of advisers to secure opportunities at a discount to prior rounds – provides core financial and strategic benefits to limited partners
  • Selected based on deep research
  • Solid fundamentals
  • Strong growth
  • High margins
  • Market leadership / little to no competition

Will the 2022/23 pre-IPO venture capital vintage be one of the best performing investment vintages for limited partners?

Liquidity needs?
Valuation drops?
Overreaction in some sectors?
How about semiconductors?
Healthcare strengths?

Not financial advice. Investments in private companies are risky, illiquid and speculative.

  • Unique, high-value, returns enhancement: Family Offices receive high-value, complimentary equity in accelerator companies sourced from some of the world’s global industry leaders that have helped create over $100 billion in realized shareholder value
  • 60+ advisory board – Ex- Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, John Kluge Investments + former C-levels of Yahoo, Spirit Airlines, Peabody Energy + VCs
  • Top tier investors – Institutional Investment Fund Managers, Former CEO Spirit Airlines, Stripe Division Head, ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Morgan Stanley etc.

Past results are no guarantee of future results. No financial advice is provided herein. Nothing in this website constitutes an offer for the purchase or sale of securities in any jurisdiction. Investments in private companies are illiquid and risky.

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Private equity investments, including ours, are risky, speculative, illiquid and carry the risk of loss of all capital.