Director Of Machine Learning And Natural Language Processing


Overview is looking for an experienced Machine Learning Engineer to lead a data science engineering team. You will have the opportunity to design and build the next generation of infrastructure to be the foundation of our machine learning models throughout their lifecycle. We are located in Los Angeles CA, but working remotely is an option.

This is a chance to join a welcoming and collaborative team. Our mission is to drive significant investment outcomes for our fund investors using innovative machine learning, including deep learning and natural language processing. 

Our models, including,  provide key insights and predictions that guide our investment processes.

Key Responsibilities

  • Gather requirements and drive decision making on technologies for creating DS pipelines that scale to big data
  • Build infrastructure to support the full model development and deployment lifecycle
  • Guide the transformation  to leverage scalable and distributed big data technologies such as Spark and PySpark
  • Onboard customers, and refresh and retrain existing deep learning, machine learning and NLP models
  • Build automatable testing frameworks for development and production systems, including monitoring production models
  • Collaborate with product teams on developing new capabilities
  • Keep up to date with the latest technology trends
  • Mentor junior team members

Skills Knowledge and Expertise

  • 5+ years experience at a software company as a machine learning engineer, data scientist, or in related fields
  • Experience building machine learning model pipelines using cloud technologies such as AWS or platforms such as Databricks
  • Experience with distributed systems such as Spark
  • Knowledge of good production level coding practices for Python and PySpark
  • Well versed with model development lifecycle including training, feature engineering, testing and monitoring
  • Experience leading projects requiring cross-team coordination

Company Overview:

CrossWork is a leading pre-IPO group driven by top senior strategic + venture capital professionals

  • CrossWork Funds:
    • The CrossWork Midas Pre-IPO Fund is focused on venture capital investments in pre-IPO companies
    • The CrossWork Emerging Pre-IPO Fund is focused on venture capital investments in multi-stage pre-IPO companies
  • CrossWork Later Stage Accelerator – focused on companies up to $100 million in revenues that seek help scaling, fundraising and institutionalizing. We drive and support strategic growth and strategic financial events


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CrossWork is an equal opportunity employer.


We believe that the most effective way to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce is to build an enduring culture of inclusion and belonging.


Culture: Our purpose and core values

Our Purpose

Leveraging over 100 years of combined team member experience, we deploy the skills and relationships of our professionals to advance the financial and strategic success of our clients.


Our Values 

  1. Demonstrate the highest levels of honesty and integrity
  2. The relationship with our clients is paramount and our clients interests come first
  3. Focus on excellence and strive to be the best in our roles
  4. Be smart and intelligent. In other words, be data and evidence driven in our approach
  5. Always be respectful of clients, colleagues and others. Especially in difficult situations demonstrate the highest levels of emotional intelligence
  6. Be meritocratic
  7. Be competitive but fair
  8. Solve problems and be persistent in solving problems
  9. Protect confidentiality
  10. Focus on recruiting the best talent and provide talent with the tools and opportunities for lifelong success

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