Our Culture And Values (Summary)

CrossWork Culture: Our Purpose And Core Values (Summary Version)

CrossWork Purpose

Leveraging over 100 years of combined team member experience, we deploy the skills and relationships of our professionals to advance the financial and strategic success of our clients in ways that might be otherwise unattainable by our clients.

CrossWork Values 

  1. Demonstrate the highest levels of honesty and integrity
  2. The relationship with our clients is paramount and our clients’ interests come first
  3. Focus on excellence and strive to be the best in our roles
  4. Be smart and intelligent. In other words, be data and evidence-driven in our approach
  5. Always be respectful of clients, colleagues and others. Especially in difficult situations, demonstrate the highest levels of emotional intelligence
  6. Be meritocratic. Reward performance fairly
  7. Be competitive but fair
  8. Solve problems. We emphasize a persistence in problem solving
  9. Protect confidentiality
  10. Focus on recruiting the best talent and provide talent with the tools and opportunities for lifelong success