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Launch your own fund in partnership with us, or partner with us on fund opportunities

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Participate alongside CrossWork to identify and invest in companies that have the potential to reach $1 billion in valuation

Partnership Opportunity And Benefits

  1. Cash returns from accelerator interests and pre-IPO funds
  2. Management fees from funds
  3. Equity for adding value to portfolio companies
  1. Strategy – Guidance in setting up your regional or industry focuses
  2. Deal Flow – Access to quality investment transactions
  3. Investment Decision – Senior financial professionals working collaboratively with senior operating executives
  4. Investment Execution – Senior transactions team
  5. Ongoing Performance – Senior executives with exceptional track records
  6. Inorganic Shareholder Value Development – Accretive and other compelling acquisition opportunities
  7. Investment Realization – Exit opportunities for portfolio companies
  1. The financial and collaborative power of an accomplished network of senior executives
  2. Unfair advantages – customer relationships, financial relationships, channel relationships, marketing relationships, technology relationships etc.

Venture Capital Equity Collaboration Platform

Collaboration Platform Of Strategic Companies, Investment Banking Transaction Professionals And Exceptional Senior Leaders

What Our Group Brings To Each Investment

We pool the resources, advantages, expertise, relationships and financial power of our partners to drive outsized investment returns and strategic benefits to our advisers and partners

Case Study:

>$1 bilion evaluation

Our Partnerships Approach
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CrossWork Partnership Summary

Accelerator Equity

Return enhancer example for accelerator and fund companies

IBM And Amazon have agreed to provide CrossWork accelerator and fund companies up to $200k in cloud hosting and related credits


Examples Of Current
CrossWork Accelerator Companies:

Case Study:

>$1 bilion evaluation

Cvent logo

Examples Of Current
CrossWork Accelerator Companies:

Deal Flow

In Numbers


Contracted high level advisors and consultants with wide industry coverage


VC + PE funds with whom CrossWork has had communications over the last 3 years


Years of combined investment experience of team


Investor, executive lawyers & accountants contacts in CRM


An extensive array of lawyers, accountants, consultants and more

Deal Execution

CrossWork Deal / Investment Process

Deal Flow

Leverage contracted infrastructure of advisors, consultants and relationships at over one thousand VC funds


Generally target opportunities that fit core criteria

(1) High gross margins

(2) Large number of customers or users

(3) High growth

(4) High switching costs


Utilize smart securities and other structures to maximize returns and protect against risk

Performance Monitoring

Review financial and other business information. Frequent executive meetings. Require or seek board appointments


Provide strategies and transactions that can significantly increase the company’s value e.g. inexpensive acquisitions, partnerships, etc.

Realization /
Exit Strategy

Orchestrate or influence the ultimate sale/IPO of the company or other means of generating shareholder returns such as recapitalizations