The number of pre-IPO companies worth $1 billion or more (“unicorns”) has doubled (approximately) over last year to now over 1,000 companies.

At, we expect the number of pre-IPO unicorns to continue to rise as the pace and quality of entrepreneurial innovation continues to accelerate and an increased amount of equity funding is focused on the pre-IPO space. In 2020, one new unicorn was created in a funding transaction every two to three working days. By September of 2020 that grew to one per working day. In 2021 the number has substantially increased to two to three per working day.

The median time from founding to reaching unicorn status is now an impressive 8 years. 

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Here is some summary data on the current target cohort of unicorns: Midas Fund Target Cohort

Unicorns Summary Data as of Q4/2021

Valuation$3.4 Trillion
Median Last Funding DateMar 2021
Total Equity Funding$640 Billion
Median Founding DateApr. 2013
Last Funding Round (Highest Frequency)Series D
Number of Acquisitions 1,300