A pre-IPO fund targeting exceptional companies and enhancing returns through complementary equity enhancements unavailable to most other funds

Fund targets:

CrossWork Midas Pre-IPO Fund



We aim to provide superior returns to investors through strong, sound core investments and an “unfair” method of allocating equity from our emerging companies non-fund holdings to our pre-IPO portfolio.


IPO returns + pre-IPO yield

Emerging company

CrossWork allocates a percentage of emerging company returns to the CrossWork pre-IPO fund at no cost

expected returns

Targeted annualized returns

Time Horizon Expectations

Consistent with pre-IPO opportunities we aim to commence
capital returns upon portfolio company liquidity events

Emerging Companies' Equity

Our Core Investment Process Allows Us To Enhance Returns
Through Our Holdings In Non-Fund Emerging Companies

Thousands of companies contact CrossWork or are contacted by CrossWork each year

Deal Flow Due Diligence

30-40 Emerging
Companies / Potential


Non-Fund Emerging Equity

Emerging Equity Returns Provide An Attractive Enhancement

2% to 10%

Est. Equity In Emerging Equity Companies


General Cash Cost Of Investment


Targeted Return On Investment


Number Of Targeted Companies

Assisting Portfolio Companies

IBM And Amazon have agreed to provide CrossWork
companies a significant level of complimentary cloud hosting and related credits

IPO Market

U.S. IPO Sizing

2020 IPO Volumes Were Strong Despite Covid

Significant Volume Combined With SPAC Projections

Many Compelling Companies With Significant Sizing

$22 billion

Palantir offers software applications designed for integrating, visualizing, analyzing data and fighting fraud.

Palantir’s solution is embedded into thousands of critical national security and critical financial workflows. It’s too hard to replace and its value added is measured in billions or lives

$1.7 billion

Asana is a web software that helps teams manage projects and tasks in one tool. Teams can create projects, assign work to teammates, specify deadlines, and communicate about tasks directly in Asana.

Asana’s solution is embedded into thousands of business workflows.It has critical business information that can’t be moved. It’s too hard to replace and has virality built into its customer acquisition model

$11 billion

Ripple’s Blockchain is embedded into thousands of bank and financial institution global business workflows that are worth billions. It’s too hard to replace and will grow as banks base more applications on it

Ripple’s solution is embedded into thousands of business workflows.It has critical business information that can’t be moved. It’s too hard to replace and has virality built into its customer acquisition model

$34 billion

Airbnb is an online marketplace that enables members to rent out whole or part of their properties to travelers. It offers over 7 million dwellings in 191 countries

AirBnB is the world’s top brand, by far, in non-hotel accommodations. In general, it’s almost impossible to topple a marketplace that has reached scale and is still scaling

Deal Flow

In Numbers


High level advisors and consultants with wide industry coverage


VC + PE contacts with whom CrossWork team has made contact over the last 5 years


Years of combined investment experience of team


Investors, executives, lawyers & accountants contacts in CRM


Our Team

Deal Execution

CrossWork Deal / Investment Process

Deal Flow

Leverage contracted infrastructure of advisors, consultants and relationships at hundreds of VC/PE funds


Target opportunities, with some exceptions, that fit core criteria

(1) High gross margins

(2) Core market dominance

(3) High growth

(4) High switching costs


Utilize smart securities and other structures to optiimize returns and protect against risk


Review financial and other business information. Executive meetings. Require or seek board appointments


Provide strategies and transactions that can significantly increase the company's value e.g. inexpensive acquistitions, partnerships, etc.

Realization /
Exit Strategy

Orchestrate or influence the ultimate sale/IPO of the company or other means of generating shareholder returns such as recapitalizations

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